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Building confidence one note at a time

Teaching Mandate
I will create an environment that focuses on accessibility, inclusiveness, and community for children, that celebrates their creativity, turns no child away, and makes them feel seen, heard, and safe through adaptive music curriculum.

Megan Miceli is a professional opera singer, voice teacher, musical director, creator, and administrator originally from Mississauga, ON. She has a Master’s degree in Voice and Opera Performance and a Graduate Diploma in Performance from McGill University as well as an Honours BA in Music and Sociology from the University of Guelph and has performed across Canada, the US, and Europe. She has been fortunate to work in the music arts field for over 9 years and has been teaching private voice for over 7 years. 

Some of her most rewarding experiences have been working to implement stronger educational programming and framework to increase accessibility at music camps and music studios. Megan is passionate about curating and coordinating programming that is inclusive, accessible, fun, and meaningful for kids and adults alike. A core principle of every vocal lesson is to create a sense of belonging, encourage self-expression, experimentation, and discovery, and to build confidence in a safe and open space. She actively seeks out new ways to teach and engage youth with differing abilities and to create programming that works for each student.

Megan has taught students from ages 7 to 70 and every age in between. She is experienced in teaching both neurotypical and neurodiverse students and has taught across multiple music genres including classical, musical theatre, pop, jazz, gospel, grunge, alternative, etc. She is committed to making an individualized music program for each student that is designed to motivate, challenge, and fulfill each student’s needs and personal goals.

Some skills that can be focused on during lessons include:

Breathing Technique

Healthy Vocal Production

Body Awareness and Posture

Expanding Vocal Range and Flexibility

Pitch Matching


Story Telling

Vocal Consistency 

Ear Training

Musicianship Skills


Megan can also provide feedback, coachings, and consultations in:

Application and Audition Preparation

Mock Auditions

Repertoire Requirements

Audition Videos

Competition and Examination Preparation 

Megan is accepting students privately and has continued to teach online throughout the pandemic.

Please contact her for more information and to inquire about rates and availability. Let's make music together!

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